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Stephanie Boyd

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Boyd is a Life Coach specializing in helping women with herpes release the guilt of their diagnosis and reclaim their confidence. She is Certified Firewalker, has a Masters in Administration of Human Services and a Bachelors in Behavioral Sciences, with certificates in Child Advocacy and Conflict Resolution. 


Three years ago she woke up thinking she had a spider bite, after going to the doctor the next day she was diagnosed with HSV-2. Her brain began to spin with horrible thoughts and she lived in denial for a while before realizing: she was living her life with a lack of boundaries, searching for love in all the wrong places, and numbing out on food to fill a void inside.

My Specializations

I specialize in supporting women who are ready to

Disclosing Your Herpes Status

Self Love After Herpes

Healing Limiting Beliefs Around Herpes

Emotional Intelligence


Energy Healing

What My Clients Have To Say

While working with Stephanie I was given the tools to dig deep into my past. Dig into those feelings we don’t want to feel. Then learn how to let them go! Learning how to release your negative feelings was a big thing for me. It was also amazing learning to anchor in the good feelings of happiness.

- Anonymous


"I love when people who have been through hell walk out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the fire"

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