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You Deserve To Be More Than The Side Chick

I use to only get turned on by emotionally unavailable men…

Eek I’ve wanted to talk about this for so long and source said now is the time.

By emotionally unavailable men I mean men who were in other committed relationships.

I loved the push/pull and the instability of the dynamic. It really fed my anxious attachment styles needs and wild enough I thought that’s how things were supposed to feel with men.

Anxious, hard, wavering, exciting, in a sense it also felt dangerous..

So much inside of me didn’t feel deserving of having someone’s full attention, love, trust, commitment so I settled for scraps and let these patterns run with some men for over 10+ years (wild right ? ….trust me, I know)

This part of me I like to call Side Chick Steph..

I have been healing her deeply over the last 3 years because my truest desire is to have a secure masculine presence in my life, a love so deep, nourishing, unwavering and committed (not just to one...

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How to Effectively Speak Up for Yourself

Sometimes it’s really freaking hard to speak up.


For me personally, the most challenging time for me to speak up is when I feel a connection with a man because I don’t want to be too much or say the wrong thing.

What’s funny about this and if you know me…you’ll find it funny too

Im not like this with ANY ONE ELSE. BUT put a man who I find attractive- sexually, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.. I become this little kid that’s like seeking for approval, just wanting them to love me and if I just sit quiet and pretty then of course they will love me. I mean they’ll love the fake version of me. Not the real me. Then I’ll resent them for not fully seeing me


What I do know is, with anyone else, I am truly an outspoken queen who knows how to communicate effectively and speak up when something makes me happy, something hurts me, or even if I just want to share my input.


What I've done to make...

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A Love Note from Me to You

Mother Nature sucks..

She is too :











Not enough.

If you’ve read this far you’re probably like “what are you talking about Stephanie?! Those are all the best things about Mother Nature.

And you’re right…just like those are the best parts about her, the same are true for you too, because no matter how Mother Nature shows up we love her unconditionally.

We don’t try diminish any parts of her because all of what she offers brings beauty to us all.

Just like you…there is no need to diminish any parts of you because the world needs your beauty.

Love you,

Stephanie ‍



I send out love notes every Friday to my email list, join us here!

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You Should Be Selling What Lights You Up

Coaches be like “Don't sell more than one thing at a time“


Let’s talk about selling more than one thing at a time as a coach.

I have never understood why people In this space swear by only selling one thing at a time.

I can’t get down with that.. again my triple split ADHD self needs variety.

If you think about it when you go into stores, when you are looking through catalogs, watching tv commercials.. stores and business everywhere are usually selling more than one product at a time.

They aren’t saying ok this month we will talk about JUST the washer then next month we will focus on the dryer, nope, they talk about them together and they let people decide if they need one or the other…or BOTH!

So here is your permission/ reminder that if you have multiple offers at any moment that LIGHT YOU UP … TALK ABOUT THEM & SELL THEM

Your audience can handle you talking about all of it. Your audience is smart, stop worrying about...

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A Little SEX Reminder

If you're not ready to explore the depths of my soul , you're not permitted to explore the depths of my pussy


This message came through to me today and I was like damnnnn Steph, someone else needs to hear this too.

If you’re anything like me or have been following me for a bit, you know I love s€X

I love talking about it, I love having it, I love fantasizing about it, I love exploring new parts of it. This has been a part of who I am since I was younger and it’s an even bigger part of who I am today.

Because s€X is so beautiful and powerful I’ve learned how important it is for me to have a deep connection with someone before allowing them into what I like to call my “pleasure portal” aka my pus$y.

This is because s€X is a HUGE energetic exchange and if you’re not able to meet my depths mentally, the odds are slim to none of being able to meet my needs s€xually

So just a reminder for anyone today: you deserve to...

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What Are Your Top Values?

My Top Values

  1. Love
  2. Authenticity
  3. Freedom
  4. Connection
  5. Integrity


What are your top values ?

Before I started doing healing work I had no idea that it was even an option for me to stray away from the values that my family represented.

I just thought oh, these were the ones I was raised on so I have to stay with them forever.


at anytime in our lives we can change the values we want to live by, which is something so neat because our values are our drivers in life.

If something you’re doing/being doesn’t align to your values…. I gotta tell ya then you’re most likely out of alignment OR your values are.

Either way…

You have the power to change them !!

So I’m curious, what is your NUMBER ONE value in life ?

Share them with me so I can lift you up! 

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Become a Rich Bitch In Just 90 Days!

“Become a rich bitch in just 90 days”


I’m sure you’ve seen this before and have thought, YES PLEASE !!

It might have even been what let you here..

But let me tell you why 90 day programs aren’t the answer to all our problems.

Hear me out on this one. I’ve taken many 3 month programs that have changed my life, even one time sessions with healers/coaches that have been transformational

But what made them so transformative for me was MY willingness to IMPLEMENT the tools and learnings that I gained about myself inside of these containers….even after the 90 days were done.

It’s naive for us all in the online space to think that we can take ONE program or one magic pill and the rest of our lives will be EASY…sorry to break it to ya but that just won’t happen…that’s our societies need for instant gratification and it’s causing so much harm in a space that I know wants to do so much good.


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What is the Sisterhood Wound?

“Women are bitches”


“Women are crazy”

“It’s why I prefer to hangout with men”
“I’m a guys girl” 


We’ve all heard it. You might have even said it yourself at one point.


There is such a deep conditioning within the feminine, to not trust other women, to see other women as competition. To feel jealousy. Resentment.


The more women I connect with, there is one thing that is for certain. We are all fearful of truly connecting with other women.


It’s deeply ingrained in all of us, by society, school systems, our own experiences with our mothers, girls you went to highschool with. 


Imagine growing up and doing things differently. Imagine knowing HOW. 


What would it look like if you truly allowed yourself to heal your sisterhood wounds?


I wanted to know. And I have done the work to show other women it’s possible, and I can promise you,...

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“One day i’ll be talking about sex on the internet”

About 2 or so years ago I was sitting in one of my favorite bars with a couple of my girlfriends and saying to them “one day i’ll be talking about sex on the internet”


At the time I was helping people find food freedom in their lives..

So when I told them they looked at me and said “how the heck are you going to do that?”


At that moment I had no idea what it was going to look like to start talking about sex, with it being such a taboo topic and all


I just KNEW that it was in my calling, somehow, someway.


Sex, pleasure, orgasms, joy, fun, alllll the things have intrigued me since I was younger :)


And well here I am now helping women who are entrepreneurs, network marketers, content creators, and more find real PLEASURE in their lives.


Helping people connect to their Pleasure in and out of the bedroom has become my mission and it all starts by helping you connect back to YOU (mind, body, soul, spirit)



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I Always Knew I was Meant for Something More in this Life

You’re just like me, and

I’m just like you.


Just like you, I’m a human out here doing the best that I can do with the resources that I have.


Just like you, I had a knowing that I was meant to be doing something more with my life…


Just like you, I’ve been fearful of things not working out.


Money running out, men leaving me and all the things !


I share this with you because I know how scary and challenging it can feel to feel safe, supported, and grounded in my mind, body, and soul.


Over the past 3 years I have been embodying the learnings and tools i've studied so deeply which activated the INTERNAL safety, support, and grounded energy inside of me.


It's kept me safe in life, and in business.


Do you want to feel this way too?


My purpose on this earth is to lead you back home to your true essence, your pleasure, your joy, your peace. And this all comes from inside yourself.



If this...

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