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How to Effectively Speak Up for Yourself

Sometimes it’s really freaking hard to speak up.


For me personally, the most challenging time for me to speak up is when I feel a connection with a man because I don’t want to be too much or say the wrong thing.⁣

What’s funny about this and if you know me…you’ll find it funny too 😂⁣

Im not like this with ANY ONE ELSE. BUT put a man who I find attractive- sexually, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.. I become this little kid that’s like seeking for approval, just wanting them to love me and if I just sit quiet and pretty then of course they will love me. I mean they’ll love the fake version of me. Not the real me. Then I’ll resent them for not fully seeing me 😅⁣


What I do know is, with anyone else, I am truly an outspoken queen who knows how to communicate effectively and speak up when something makes me happy, something hurts me, or even if I just want to share my input.⁣


What I've done to make this change is practicing speaking up more to men that I find attractive! It's been scary, and I feel my parts being like “Steph…stopppp he’s going to leave”⁣. What’s been really helpful for me is to envision myself 15 minutes after speaking up and saying what’s on my heart and then 15 minutes after if I chose not to speak up.⁣

The vision that I have when I speak up feels so much more aligned with who I am so that’s the path I choose to take.⁣

Because at the end of the day…I’ll never be the pretty proper girl who sits in the corner quietly.⁣

I am the bold woman who uses her voice to make deep impact and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🥰⁣

Ask yourself: who and where do you find it hard to speak up against, how can you make changes?





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