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You Should Be Selling What Lights You Up

Coaches be like “Don't sell more than one thing at a time“


Let’s talk about selling more than one thing at a time as a coach.⁣

I have never understood why people In this space swear by only selling one thing at a time.⁣

I can’t get down with that.. again my triple split ADHD self needs variety.

If you think about it when you go into stores, when you are looking through catalogs, watching tv commercials.. stores and business everywhere are usually selling more than one product at a time.⁣

They aren’t saying ok this month we will talk about JUST the washer then next month we will focus on the dryer, nope, they talk about them together and they let people decide if they need one or the other…or BOTH!⁣

So here is your permission/ reminder that if you have multiple offers at any moment that LIGHT YOU UP … TALK ABOUT THEM & SELL THEM🔥🔥⁣

Your audience can handle you talking about all of it. Your audience is smart, stop worrying about them getting confused and start focusing on what your lit up about 💋⁣

Ps. If it lights you up to talk about one thing at a time, that’s cool too. The point is to do what YOU want to do. Not what other people say you should be doing. ⁣


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