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You'll Never Be the Hero in Everyone's Story

You will never be the Hero in everyone's story

because that would mean that you are living your life as a people pleaser…


And maybe right now you’re reading this like how did she know?


Do you find yourself OVER giving to your clients, family, friends, partners?

Do you worry that if you say no or change your mind that it will all come crashing down?

Do you think that people will think you’re a phony or that you can’t make up your mind?


I've been there. 

It is so important to change things that are NOT aligning with you. 

You can do it at any moment.

And it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about it.

It’s time to stop living your life to please those around you.


Your pleasure awaits!




Are you ready to transform your life and business in a sustainable way?  Let's chat! DM me @stephanielboyd_ ! 


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Are you Allowing Hustle Culture to Run You and Your Business?

Society loves that hustle energy!


Humans are just doing little bits of everything hoping that something sticks to help better their business, relationships, life…


Unfortunately, It doesn’t work like that...we can do all the strategies to get things to work but if our nervous system doesn't feel safe in the things we're working towards….it doesn’t really matter.


We have to learn how to slow down and allow ourselves to embrace all the things that are going on around you RIGHT NOW


Not when you lose those 5 lbs, not when you get caught up on those new Netflix shows, not when you finish your to do list


But the here and the NOW


Focus on the things that are going on inside of you


And what activates your nervous system...


Learn to embrace them rather then moving on to try to cover up those uncertainscaries (that’s uncertainties that are scary, coining it)


Are you looking to scale your business...

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My Top 3 Tips To Getting 10 New 1:1 Clients in Just 7 Days!

My top 3 tips to getting 10 new 1:1 clients in just 7 days!! ..


I’m sure you’ve seen posts like this before and have thought

“wow that sounds amazing”

“that would solve everything”

“Give me the tips, I need this!”


Trust me, when I first started in this online space I was thinking the same things

I have notebooks filled with my old desires saying things like


“I’m calling in 10 1:1 clients to come in or 50 women to sign up for my group program..”


I thought that’s what would make me successful, we see it all the time in this space about 10k months, 10k followers, 10 this 10 that…


It’s exhausting and on top of it I only thought that number was important because I saw it all over my news feeds.


so If you want my honest tips on getting those 10 1:1 clients here they are...

  1. Dont
  2. Do
  3. It


It's time to get out of the mindset that you need a to make 10k months...

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Communicating with your Inner Dialogue

We all have an inner dialogue.. but do you know how to communicate with it?


Here are some ways you can begin to communicate with your inner dialogue when you notice it.


I like to put a hand over any part of my body that I feel a sensation.


I will say things to it like:


thank you

I hear you

thank you for protecting me

I see you

we are safe


Talk to yourself babe.


You are your most valuable asset. 


Love ya!



Coming home : A free 3 day event to come home to your inner child!

When: October 12th, 13th, 14th @ 12:12 PM pst
Where: POP UP FACEBOOK GROUP Coming Home, you can sign up here!
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Loosening the Grip on your Business

You can force yourself to do things in your business like making graphics, sending out emails, uploading all the things to your website…


Or you could loosen the grip and allow people to come in to support these tasks.


I understand that a lot of these tasks don’t take that much time BUT all the time you spend doing them adds up which is taking you away from having more FUN and JOY. 


Imagine all the fun memories you could be making if you loosened the grip and allowed others to come in to support your business.


This is why I outsource basically everything that I do. As a Manifestor, I have 1 million ideas a day, but I'm not designed to finish them all like other design types, that is why I have to have team members who can help me carry out my vision.


Looking to loosen the grip on all your business tasks but nervous everything will go to shit when you do? 


I’d love to help you work with your nervous...

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The Secret To Having It All

The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do..


I know that you’re probably thinking but "Stephanie, I don't have all that I want.."


This is where I'd usually say that I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but I don’t...someone has to be honest out here :) and you can always count on me for honesty (from my perspective of the world anyway).


The way I see it as a recovering overachiever and people pleaser, you will never have all that you want

Especially when you are committed to your growth


Being committed to your growth means that new ideas, wants, desires are going to continue to come in and that is a beautiful part of the process..


So while it may feel like you don’t have all that you want, remember that there was a time where you DREAMED about being HERE.



I’m here to help you have massive impact that light you the fuck up with pleasure, joy, and FUN.  If you’re ready to...

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Affirmations Can't Fix Everything

Affirmations changed my life..


Hear me out on this one coaches/mentors/business owners..


Affirmations are great, they help..


Buuut they don't really create change at an identity level.


They are basically band aid fixes for your mind to focus on mean while your nervous system is freaking the fuck out.


It’s time to start focusing more of your attention on nurturing your nervous system, paying it attention, and listening to what your body is communicating to you!


If you aren’t sure how to do this OR are looking to deepen your connection with yourself, my 1:1 containers are a safe space for you to work through anything that is no longer aligned in your life or business.

I want to help you become fully expressed in who YOU are and not feel like you are having a panic/anxiety attack every time you make a bold move!


More information about the ways to work with me here: Stephanie Boyd Coaching (

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How to: Nurturing your Inner Child

If we as humans spent more time unlearning different patterns and subconscious programming there would be a lot more peace in this world.


Instead most humans are walking around letting their inner child sit behind the steering wheel, driving around town running over anything that’s in its way...i mean not literally but I hope you can see my point.


In order to get your inner child out of the driver's seat you’re going to have to start nurturing your inner child in some form or another.


Here’s a process that I suggest:

  1. Pick your age that you think needed some more love
  2. Find a picture of yourself at that age
  3. Write a list of all the things you liked to do at that age
  4. Investigate if you are still into those same activities
  5. Have a conversation with your picture before bed (outloud or in a journal, whatever you’re comfortable with)


Your inner child is important and deserves to have quality time with you! Create time to play and connect!...

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Quieting your Inner Mean Girl

You can’t hate yourself into loving yourself…


Trust me I’ve tried for a LONG ass time...I’m pretty sure my inner mean girl has a black belt..


She loves to come online and tell me that


-i’m not doing enough

-I’m being too much

-I’m a stupid bitch

-Everyone is better than me

-No one cares

-the list goes onnnn & on LOL


But you already know this because


We ALL have this part/protector inside of us...for some people it’s louder than others or maybe it only pops online for you sometimes


but for me I was in a CONSTANT battle in my own mind, and it became exhausting..


So with the help of my coach I became more and more aware of my inner mean girl.


Thinking that the only way to get me into action is to beat myself up mentally


It got to the point that I had to let this protector know that how she treats me is no longer aligned.


I told her that we now have a boundary on...

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A Manifestor's Guide to Balancing Work and Play

“If you’re only working when you want to work, it sounds like you have a hobby, not a business”


This is something I read on someone's post the other day and immediately started laughing because that’s not how all of us are designed,

especially if you are a Manifestor in Human Design, like me ;)


When I went full time in my business I was trying to do that whole 9-5 work thang, and quickly began to resent it... that just isn’t for me and it really gave me the ick..


I was always wondering when the time to play & have fun was... that’s why I started this business after all... so I could work when I want, not force myself to show up all the time.


The way I see it, if you’re getting the things you need/want to get done in your life/business.. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.


This could look like working a couple hours in the morning and taking the rest of the day off then picking it back up at night when you feel...

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