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“One day i’ll be talking about sex on the internet”

About 2 or so years ago I was sitting in one of my favorite bars with a couple of my girlfriends and saying to them “one day i’ll be talking about sex on the internet”


At the time I was helping people find food freedom in their lives..

So when I told them they looked at me and said “how the heck are you going to do that?”


At that moment I had no idea what it was going to look like to start talking about sex, with it being such a taboo topic and all


I just KNEW that it was in my calling, somehow, someway.


Sex, pleasure, orgasms, joy, fun, alllll the things have intrigued me since I was younger :)


And well here I am now helping women who are entrepreneurs, network marketers, content creators, and more find real PLEASURE in their lives.


Helping people connect to their Pleasure in and out of the bedroom has become my mission and it all starts by helping you connect back to YOU (mind, body, soul, spirit)



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My Top 3 Tips To Getting 10 New 1:1 Clients in Just 7 Days!

My top 3 tips to getting 10 new 1:1 clients in just 7 days!! ..


I’m sure you’ve seen posts like this before and have thought

“wow that sounds amazing”

“that would solve everything”

“Give me the tips, I need this!”


Trust me, when I first started in this online space I was thinking the same things

I have notebooks filled with my old desires saying things like


“I’m calling in 10 1:1 clients to come in or 50 women to sign up for my group program..”


I thought that’s what would make me successful, we see it all the time in this space about 10k months, 10k followers, 10 this 10 that…


It’s exhausting and on top of it I only thought that number was important because I saw it all over my news feeds.


so If you want my honest tips on getting those 10 1:1 clients here they are...

  1. Dont
  2. Do
  3. It


It's time to get out of the mindset that you need a to make 10k months...

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