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How to Effectively Speak Up for Yourself

Sometimes it’s really freaking hard to speak up.


For me personally, the most challenging time for me to speak up is when I feel a connection with a man because I don’t want to be too much or say the wrong thing.

What’s funny about this and if you know me…you’ll find it funny too

Im not like this with ANY ONE ELSE. BUT put a man who I find attractive- sexually, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.. I become this little kid that’s like seeking for approval, just wanting them to love me and if I just sit quiet and pretty then of course they will love me. I mean they’ll love the fake version of me. Not the real me. Then I’ll resent them for not fully seeing me


What I do know is, with anyone else, I am truly an outspoken queen who knows how to communicate effectively and speak up when something makes me happy, something hurts me, or even if I just want to share my input.


What I've done to make...

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A Love Note from Me to You

Mother Nature sucks..

She is too :











Not enough.

If you’ve read this far you’re probably like “what are you talking about Stephanie?! Those are all the best things about Mother Nature.

And you’re right…just like those are the best parts about her, the same are true for you too, because no matter how Mother Nature shows up we love her unconditionally.

We don’t try diminish any parts of her because all of what she offers brings beauty to us all.

Just like you…there is no need to diminish any parts of you because the world needs your beauty.

Love you,

Stephanie ‍



I send out love notes every Friday to my email list, join us here!

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You'll Never Be the Hero in Everyone's Story

You will never be the Hero in everyone's story

because that would mean that you are living your life as a people pleaser…


And maybe right now you’re reading this like how did she know?


Do you find yourself OVER giving to your clients, family, friends, partners?

Do you worry that if you say no or change your mind that it will all come crashing down?

Do you think that people will think you’re a phony or that you can’t make up your mind?


I've been there. 

It is so important to change things that are NOT aligning with you. 

You can do it at any moment.

And it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about it.

It’s time to stop living your life to please those around you.


Your pleasure awaits!




Are you ready to transform your life and business in a sustainable way?  Let's chat! DM me @stephanielboyd_ ! 


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Are you Allowing Hustle Culture to Run You and Your Business?

Society loves that hustle energy!


Humans are just doing little bits of everything hoping that something sticks to help better their business, relationships, life…


Unfortunately, It doesn’t work like that...we can do all the strategies to get things to work but if our nervous system doesn't feel safe in the things we're working towards….it doesn’t really matter.


We have to learn how to slow down and allow ourselves to embrace all the things that are going on around you RIGHT NOW


Not when you lose those 5 lbs, not when you get caught up on those new Netflix shows, not when you finish your to do list


But the here and the NOW


Focus on the things that are going on inside of you


And what activates your nervous system...


Learn to embrace them rather then moving on to try to cover up those uncertainscaries (that’s uncertainties that are scary, coining it)


Are you looking to scale your business...

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Loosening the Grip on your Business

You can force yourself to do things in your business like making graphics, sending out emails, uploading all the things to your website…


Or you could loosen the grip and allow people to come in to support these tasks.


I understand that a lot of these tasks don’t take that much time BUT all the time you spend doing them adds up which is taking you away from having more FUN and JOY. 


Imagine all the fun memories you could be making if you loosened the grip and allowed others to come in to support your business.


This is why I outsource basically everything that I do. As a Manifestor, I have 1 million ideas a day, but I'm not designed to finish them all like other design types, that is why I have to have team members who can help me carry out my vision.


Looking to loosen the grip on all your business tasks but nervous everything will go to shit when you do? 


I’d love to help you work with your nervous...

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The Secret To Having It All

The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do..


I know that you’re probably thinking but "Stephanie, I don't have all that I want.."


This is where I'd usually say that I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but I don’t...someone has to be honest out here :) and you can always count on me for honesty (from my perspective of the world anyway).


The way I see it as a recovering overachiever and people pleaser, you will never have all that you want

Especially when you are committed to your growth


Being committed to your growth means that new ideas, wants, desires are going to continue to come in and that is a beautiful part of the process..


So while it may feel like you don’t have all that you want, remember that there was a time where you DREAMED about being HERE.



I’m here to help you have massive impact that light you the fuck up with pleasure, joy, and FUN.  If you’re ready to...

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