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Become a Rich Bitch In Just 90 Days!

“Become a rich bitch in just 90 days”


I’m sure you’ve seen this before and have thought, YES PLEASE !!

It might have even been what let you here..

But let me tell you why 90 day programs aren’t the answer to all our problems.

Hear me out on this one. I’ve taken many 3 month programs that have changed my life, even one time sessions with healers/coaches that have been transformational

But what made them so transformative for me was MY willingness to IMPLEMENT the tools and learnings that I gained about myself inside of these containers….even after the 90 days were done.

It’s naive for us all in the online space to think that we can take ONE program or one magic pill and the rest of our lives will be EASY…sorry to break it to ya but that just won’t happen…that’s our societies need for instant gratification and it’s causing so much harm in a space that I know wants to do so much good.


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My Top 3 Tips To Getting 10 New 1:1 Clients in Just 7 Days!

My top 3 tips to getting 10 new 1:1 clients in just 7 days!! ..


I’m sure you’ve seen posts like this before and have thought

“wow that sounds amazing”

“that would solve everything”

“Give me the tips, I need this!”


Trust me, when I first started in this online space I was thinking the same things

I have notebooks filled with my old desires saying things like


“I’m calling in 10 1:1 clients to come in or 50 women to sign up for my group program..”


I thought that’s what would make me successful, we see it all the time in this space about 10k months, 10k followers, 10 this 10 that…


It’s exhausting and on top of it I only thought that number was important because I saw it all over my news feeds.


so If you want my honest tips on getting those 10 1:1 clients here they are...

  1. Dont
  2. Do
  3. It


It's time to get out of the mindset that you need a to make 10k months...

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Affirmations Can't Fix Everything

Affirmations changed my life..


Hear me out on this one coaches/mentors/business owners..


Affirmations are great, they help..


Buuut they don't really create change at an identity level.


They are basically band aid fixes for your mind to focus on mean while your nervous system is freaking the fuck out.


It’s time to start focusing more of your attention on nurturing your nervous system, paying it attention, and listening to what your body is communicating to you!


If you aren’t sure how to do this OR are looking to deepen your connection with yourself, my 1:1 containers are a safe space for you to work through anything that is no longer aligned in your life or business.

I want to help you become fully expressed in who YOU are and not feel like you are having a panic/anxiety attack every time you make a bold move!


More information about the ways to work with me here: Stephanie Boyd Coaching (

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