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I Always Knew I was Meant for Something More in this Life

You’re just like me, and

I’m just like you.


Just like you, I’m a human out here doing the best that I can do with the resources that I have.


Just like you, I had a knowing that I was meant to be doing something more with my life…


Just like you, I’ve been fearful of things not working out.


Money running out, men leaving me and all the things !


I share this with you because I know how scary and challenging it can feel to feel safe, supported, and grounded in my mind, body, and soul.


Over the past 3 years I have been embodying the learnings and tools i've studied so deeply which activated the INTERNAL safety, support, and grounded energy inside of me.


It's kept me safe in life, and in business.


Do you want to feel this way too?


My purpose on this earth is to lead you back home to your true essence, your pleasure, your joy, your peace. And this all comes from inside yourself.



If this...

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Living Life in Flow Vs. Hustle

Our society glamorizing the struggle, making things hard, working endless hours


And for a long while I subscribed to these beliefs thinking that the harder I worked the more I would have.


I was working 2 full time jobs, 70 hours a week, going to school full time, working internships and I still felt like I wasn’t doing enough…


I barely took the time to recognize all the amazing things that I was doing because there was always some other goal I needed to reach.


It became exhausting and eventually the voices in my head said “yo betch give us some freaking credit”


At first I was like credit for what?! There is still SO much to do, to achieve


Then one day it hit me…


There will ALWAYS be more to do and achieve but that I didn’t have to do it from a place of force,

I could switch the force and turn it into FLOW.


and that’s exactly what I did, I started by getting super clear on how I wanted...

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