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You Deserve To Be More Than The Side Chick

I use to only get turned on by emotionally unavailable men…

Eek I’ve wanted to talk about this for so long and source said now is the time.

By emotionally unavailable men I mean men who were in other committed relationships.

I loved the push/pull and the instability of the dynamic. It really fed my anxious attachment styles needs and wild enough I thought that’s how things were supposed to feel with men.

Anxious, hard, wavering, exciting, in a sense it also felt dangerous..

So much inside of me didn’t feel deserving of having someone’s full attention, love, trust, commitment so I settled for scraps and let these patterns run with some men for over 10+ years (wild right ? ….trust me, I know)

This part of me I like to call Side Chick Steph..

I have been healing her deeply over the last 3 years because my truest desire is to have a secure masculine presence in my life, a love so deep, nourishing, unwavering and committed (not just to one...

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