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What is the Sisterhood Wound?

“Women are bitches”


“Women are crazy”

“It’s why I prefer to hangout with men”
“I’m a guys girl” 


We’ve all heard it. You might have even said it yourself at one point.


There is such a deep conditioning within the feminine, to not trust other women, to see other women as competition. To feel jealousy. Resentment.


The more women I connect with, there is one thing that is for certain. We are all fearful of truly connecting with other women.


It’s deeply ingrained in all of us, by society, school systems, our own experiences with our mothers, girls you went to highschool with. 


Imagine growing up and doing things differently. Imagine knowing HOW. 


What would it look like if you truly allowed yourself to heal your sisterhood wounds?


I wanted to know. And I have done the work to show other women it’s possible, and I can promise you,...

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