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I Always Knew I was Meant for Something More in this Life

You’re just like me, and

I’m just like you.


Just like you, I’m a human out here doing the best that I can do with the resources that I have.


Just like you, I had a knowing that I was meant to be doing something more with my life…


Just like you, I’ve been fearful of things not working out.


Money running out, men leaving me and all the things !


I share this with you because I know how scary and challenging it can feel to feel safe, supported, and grounded in my mind, body, and soul.


Over the past 3 years I have been embodying the learnings and tools i've studied so deeply which activated the INTERNAL safety, support, and grounded energy inside of me.


It's kept me safe in life, and in business.


Do you want to feel this way too?


My purpose on this earth is to lead you back home to your true essence, your pleasure, your joy, your peace. And this all comes from inside yourself.



If this...

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How to: Nurturing your Inner Child

If we as humans spent more time unlearning different patterns and subconscious programming there would be a lot more peace in this world.


Instead most humans are walking around letting their inner child sit behind the steering wheel, driving around town running over anything that’s in its way...i mean not literally but I hope you can see my point.


In order to get your inner child out of the driver's seat you’re going to have to start nurturing your inner child in some form or another.


Here’s a process that I suggest:

  1. Pick your age that you think needed some more love
  2. Find a picture of yourself at that age
  3. Write a list of all the things you liked to do at that age
  4. Investigate if you are still into those same activities
  5. Have a conversation with your picture before bed (outloud or in a journal, whatever you’re comfortable with)


Your inner child is important and deserves to have quality time with you! Create time to play and connect!...

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