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How to Effectively Speak Up for Yourself

Sometimes it’s really freaking hard to speak up.


For me personally, the most challenging time for me to speak up is when I feel a connection with a man because I don’t want to be too much or say the wrong thing.

What’s funny about this and if you know me…you’ll find it funny too

Im not like this with ANY ONE ELSE. BUT put a man who I find attractive- sexually, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.. I become this little kid that’s like seeking for approval, just wanting them to love me and if I just sit quiet and pretty then of course they will love me. I mean they’ll love the fake version of me. Not the real me. Then I’ll resent them for not fully seeing me


What I do know is, with anyone else, I am truly an outspoken queen who knows how to communicate effectively and speak up when something makes me happy, something hurts me, or even if I just want to share my input.


What I've done to make...

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A Little SEX Reminder

If you're not ready to explore the depths of my soul , you're not permitted to explore the depths of my pussy


This message came through to me today and I was like damnnnn Steph, someone else needs to hear this too.

If you’re anything like me or have been following me for a bit, you know I love s€X

I love talking about it, I love having it, I love fantasizing about it, I love exploring new parts of it. This has been a part of who I am since I was younger and it’s an even bigger part of who I am today.

Because s€X is so beautiful and powerful I’ve learned how important it is for me to have a deep connection with someone before allowing them into what I like to call my “pleasure portal” aka my pus$y.

This is because s€X is a HUGE energetic exchange and if you’re not able to meet my depths mentally, the odds are slim to none of being able to meet my needs s€xually

So just a reminder for anyone today: you deserve to...

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What Are Your Top Values?

My Top Values

  1. Love
  2. Authenticity
  3. Freedom
  4. Connection
  5. Integrity


What are your top values ?

Before I started doing healing work I had no idea that it was even an option for me to stray away from the values that my family represented.

I just thought oh, these were the ones I was raised on so I have to stay with them forever.


at anytime in our lives we can change the values we want to live by, which is something so neat because our values are our drivers in life.

If something you’re doing/being doesn’t align to your values…. I gotta tell ya then you’re most likely out of alignment OR your values are.

Either way…

You have the power to change them !!

So I’m curious, what is your NUMBER ONE value in life ?

Share them with me so I can lift you up! 

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The Secret To Having It All

The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do..


I know that you’re probably thinking but "Stephanie, I don't have all that I want.."


This is where I'd usually say that I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but I don’t...someone has to be honest out here :) and you can always count on me for honesty (from my perspective of the world anyway).


The way I see it as a recovering overachiever and people pleaser, you will never have all that you want

Especially when you are committed to your growth


Being committed to your growth means that new ideas, wants, desires are going to continue to come in and that is a beautiful part of the process..


So while it may feel like you don’t have all that you want, remember that there was a time where you DREAMED about being HERE.



I’m here to help you have massive impact that light you the fuck up with pleasure, joy, and FUN.  If you’re ready to...

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